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in the unstructured haze of summer i always feel like i’m just floating, directionless, no matter how many lists i make or goals i set. this is just a little thing i made to visually express that feeling…

i can’t wait for the school year to start because however nice it sounds, after a while i get sick of not having work to do.

since i’m applying for a few graphic design jobs, i spent pretty much all day today and yesterday trying to put together a half-decent resume. and now i am almost done, but so tired. and so so sick of looking at it.

so as i finally take a break, here are some of the cute little symbols i made to accent my contact info and headers.

a few doodles/wip from the past few weeks

the poster i designed for my school’s senior production. each element represents one of the eight performances in the show.

my senior project, about self-objectification. 

(that’s a mirror in the center)

playin with brushes and style. also hella mushy thoughts

extra credit poster for my computer science class. i might have put in a little more time & effort than was necessary.

huge inktober post (4/4)

just some stuff from my school sketchbook

ooooh more symmetry. oooooh